ITP Show Spring 2017, Safe House

Author’s Name: Danielle Butler
Bio: ITP Student, Second Year
Name of Artwork or Topic: Safe House
Date of Artwork, Article Publication or Topic: 2017
Describe Artwork, Article or Topic: Safe House is a piece that explores the meaning of sanctuary: home, nature, whatever is safe.
Opinion of Artwork, Article or Topic:
I just thought the technique of this piece was gorgeous. Immersing oneself in this safe house, one is immediately confronted with a soundscape and a forest in every direction. The soundscape was ambient and comforting, with little chirps of birds alongside a breezy sound that makes one feel like they are in a forest, even among the din of the rest of the ITP show. There are little compartments that one can open and it changes the overall lighting intensity of the safe house along with the sounds that are played. There is something very satisfying about the construction of the piece, be it the way that the wood doors for the compartments open and close so snugly, or the almost imperceptible way the audio and lighting changes when one opens the new little scene . . . Each scene nestled in the little cubbies I wish I could have looked at for much longer of a time. There was so much attention to detail, from one scene that had little flashing stars (a programmed LED show behind paper with tiny holes pricked out of them) to a gorgeous glade scene that had absolutely beautiful miniature trees, shrubbery, grass and moss, and a very beautiful naked woman figurine that was resting, like a baby in the womb, in a cave of forestry. I also really liked the exterior with all of the different woods, which the artist Danielle explained to me was purposeful because she wanted a lot of texture. I’m really impressed that when I went into the Safe House, it was easy for me to forget the chaos of the rest of the show outside. It truly was a little sanctuary.

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