ITP Show Spring 2017, Embodied Violence in Film

Author’s Name: Bryan Hsu
Bio: ITP Student, First Year
Name of Artwork or Topic: Embodied Violence in Film
Date of Artwork, Article Publication or Topic: 2017
Describe Artwork, Article or Topic: Embodied Violence in Film plays with how violent films are, and what it would be like to actually be that violent.
Opinion of Artwork, Article or Topic:
I really liked this piece because of the concept. The tech was simple in the sense that it was a Kinect linked up with movie clips, but I think there’s a lot going on with the idea of violence in media. To bring movement into the whole project was a unique take to illustrate the violence, and the fact that the movie clips wouldn’t play if one does not perform the violent act indicated in the scene (ie punching, or kicking) was a nice touch. It forces the person interacting with the project to channel at least some intent of violence, knowing that they are going to perform a punch or kick and witness (or rather, incite) a violent action. While I was able to have fun with the piece, I was able to take away the deeper meanings even though I myself did not feel violent. I think this may be because I was really thinking about the piece, and if someone just tried it out not thinking about the greater implications and were just doing it as a game, they may feel differently (and I’m guessing, a little more violent).

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