NYVR and NYUVR Pt. 1

Topic Name: NYVR & NYUVR
Bio: NYVR is a monthly VR meetup held at the Microsoft office at Times Square. NYUVR is a (for the most part) weekly VR meetup at the Future Reality Lab at NYU.
Name of Topic: NYVR February Meetup, March 2 NYUVR Meetup
Date of Topic: NYVR: February 16, 2017; NYUVR: March 2, 2017
Describe Topic: Both the NYVR and NYUVR meetups had talks given by Framestore about their VR and immersive experience endeavours. NYVR also had several other talks, from Littlstar (a premium distribution platform for 360 video and VR), Chapter Four (A full service production company specializing in VR and 360 video), and the announcement and introduction of the Vive Tracker.
Opinion of Topic:
Both meetups were an incredible place to meet people. Beyond seeing what’s even /out there/ in the ARMRVR space (though no one has solved the problem of succinctly describing the tech without saying all three acronyms like “AR/MR/VR” or “VR/MR/AR” or any of the seemingly 8000 ways to say the acronyms) I think the most important thing is to try and see and take in what ideas are floating around and where this community and the tech may be heading. Naturally entertainment is a fit and will continue to be used (as seen by Framestore giving talks at both NYVR and NYUVR) but these people whose ideas saturate the industry are going to be whose dreams will be realized. The Vive Tracker is exciting because it marks the beginning of being able to put real world objects in VR, and not just using controllers to interact with virtual space and objects. Interestingly enough, the February NYVR Meetup was more geared towards businesses than developers, which although useful, is not what I would want all the time. I want to see the atmosphere beyond business: I want to see what developers like me want to make and are making.
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