The Origami Revolution

Topic Name: Nova
Bio: Nova is a science TV series on PBS and has been around since 1974, with its roots in the BBC documentary series Horizon. A lot of the early episodes were co-produced with the BBC or other documentaries outside the US.
Name of Topic: The Origami Revolution
Date of Topic: February 2017
Describe Topic: The Origami Revolution is a documentary that describes the revolution of folding and mathematics and its applications in space, robotics, biology, and more.
Opinion of Topic:
I think bringing folding into fields that will shape the future is an integral part in making sure that the future is more sustainable. I want to know more why we haven’t thought more about folding, especially knowing for so long how efficiently DNA is folded. I am most excited about origami in regards to space – does SpaceX or Nasa or any other companies have plans to really use this kind of technology to make our transition into space more and more sustainable and viable? I remember in fifth grade math class we made trihexaflexagons and how fun and mind boggling it was. For me that experience made a lasting impression on me on the power of folding. I know that in some of the 4D geometry stuff FRL is working on is probably relevant to folding – but perhaps folding 3D space? I’m not quite sure how it works, but I feel like travelling in a folded space, like if each face of the trihexaflexagon was a 3D room, would be an interesting experiment. What would reality feel like if you traversed rooms that are connected in a folding way? It’s something I want to program now to try it out!
Links (to article or topics): (Vi Hart)


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