All photos taken at UNC-Chapel Hill at Sitterson Hall, where Howard Rheingold talks about VR in the first chapter of Virtual Reality, “Grasping Reality Through Illusion.” In these photos you can see the projects he was talking about (like the ARM with the virtual molecule, and the virtual walkthrough of Sitterson Hall). Names of researchers also popped up, like Henry Fuchs, Frederick Brooks (Photo 5) and Min Ouh-Young handling the ARM.

At PearlHacks, I endeavoured to create an iOS mobile AR app with one other teammate. Though our undertaking was far too ambitious for the span of 18 hours of hacking (learning the iOS workflow, learning Swift (the language to program in iOS), learning several new libraries and being able to implement them successfully along with login features) I was able to chat with a lot of really talented people and generate more ideas for creating AR and VR apps and projects in the future!

Here’s where I slept (which can be seen in the lobby of Sitterson Hall as one of the computer generated photos in Row 3 of the photos.



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